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connect with the world.

Revolt is one of the best ways to stay connected with your friends and community without sacrificing any usability. We focus only on the user, and you can be sure that your conversations are confidential and your data is secure.

Create a space only for you and your friends.

Revolt lets you create a private space for you and your friends to chat, without any of the distractions of other chat apps. You can customize your server however you want, and even invite any other friends to join you.

Built even for the most dedicated communities.

Revolt is perfect for communities looking to chat with their members. With role-based access control and in-depth customization, you can get started from creation to invite in minutes.

Talk without anyone else listening in.

Revolt will not sell your data or leak it to advertisers. Our code is open source and can be audited by anyone willing. Based in Europe and bound to the GDPR, we take your privacy very seriously. And with end-to-end encryption coming to DMs and group chats soon, you can be absolutely sure of it.

Make it yours in minutes.

Revolt's open architecture makes it easier than ever to build custom bots and clients for anything your heart desires. You can even make your own Revolt app if you want to. And with every single color customizable, you don't need to know how to program to make it feel like you want to.

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